Shayna Carolyn


As an artist, it is not uncommon to go through various phases of creativity.  Sometimes I am very active, creating new pieces daily, while other times I am relatively inactive and can go for months without creating a single drawing.  This does not mean I am uninspired or losing interest.  It means I am slowly building up ideas, reserving energy, and deciding what I want to do differently in the future.  This is normal and in fact, healthy.

I’ve been writing more lately.  More than drawing or painting.  I write poems and often write in my journal about my day, how I’m feeling, what’s new, etc.  

If I have any real “fans” out there in the world, I hope they understand how an artist goes through different phases.  My ideas are evolving and my change in lifestyle is effecting my desire to create.  I only hope that I haven’t already committed to a certain style, of which people expect to see from me.

I feel a major change happening.  Stick with me.  Don’t leave.  I’ll be back with a collection of bangers just as soon as I find the energy.

Love <3

Shayna Carolyn

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